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How does an overwhelmingly emotional life experience become a gift? It’s time you took more control over your journey. You're worth it! Create an environment that promotes a fertile mind, body, and spirit.

Support.  Empower.  Validate.

While focusing on these key elements, we will connect on creating a meaningful and transformative fertility journey.

cynthia palmer fertility coach

Hello There

I‘m glad you found me. I’m Cynthia Palmer. 

I consider myself a fertility warrior. I've braved evaluations, injections, support groups, countless doctor visits and found myself riding an unwanted emotional rollercoaster. IUI, IVF, donor egg recipient -- that’s the rundown for me (in very few terms).  I've been there.

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Ready for the next step?

Fertility (or lack thereof), pours and eventually seeps into every facet of life and every ounce of your being.

My fertility journey began in 2010 and will forever play a role in who I am.  After enduring my deepest low and surrounding myself with positives; I quieted the negatives. I’ve shared my trials and tribulations since with women, couples, support groups, as a panelist and went one step further and completed an integrative fertility coaching program.

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It’s time you took more control over your experience

You deserve it! How does an overwhelmingly terrifying life position become a gift?

“Cynde is one of the loveliest and most compassionate people I have interacted with in my work with patients who are dealing with fertility issues. Having gone through the journey herself, she understands how challenging, isolating, and frightening it can be and is willing to share of herself and her experience to assist others in navigating their own journeys. I feel that you would be in the best hands with Cynde at your side.”

-Catherine C.

"Cynde is full of compassion and support. It was nice just having someone who would listen and also bring a new perspective to whatever I was going through. There are so many ups and downs on the fertility journey and it was helpful having someone cheering me on along the way."

-Denise H.

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Fertility Booster (mini) Toolkit

Bravo! You will be hearing from me soon.

Receive positive benefits with my (mini)Toolkit by making lifestyle changes regarding your fertility:




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