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Empower Fertility Method

I am grateful for your interest.

If my program below resonates with you Apply Here.

Program Details

“The Empower Fertility Method (EFM) is a systematic way to support you through your fertile journey. It is designed to help you achieve your goals. This approach fosters self-awareness, encourages life-changing habits thus, creating a fertile lifestyle. The EFM is:

  • Based on science, behavior change, and clinically proven techniques to support you throughout your fertile journey.

  • Knowing when your best chances of conceiving are.

  • Learning the right diet for your body type, and how to balance your hormones naturally. 

  • Increasing healthy habits surrounding diet, exercise and lifestyle choices so you can optimize your chances of conceiving. 

  • Creating a fertile environment that promotes a fertile mind, body, and spirit all directed at supporting your fertility.

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Method Benefits

"Create an environment that promotes a fertile mind, body, and spirit"

  • Having an integrative fertility coach on your side helps you plan and navigate the complicated decisions surrounding your fertile journey.

  • This is a proven system that is able to support your physical, mental, financial and spiritual health.

  • You will have support every step of the way without judgment.

  • You will learn how to regulate your menses, lose weight and balance your hormones naturally. 

  • Gain the support you need to create an environment that promotes a fertile mind, body, and spirit and enhancing your fertility. 

  • The EFM provides support needed to create positive habit changes, a fertile lifestyle, and support to make those decisions that matter most.


We will share three months together regularly connecting.

We'll create a customized plan around you, while taking your unique experience into consideration. EFM is a gift you choose for yourself!

I am here with you and for you.

cynthia palmer certified integrative fertility coach
Topics Covered
  • Mindfulness Exercises

  • Rituals Guide

  • Internal and External De-cluttering

  • Tangible Goals

  • Self-Love

  • Financial Obstacles

  • And much more…

​Let’s focus on staying present, keeping positive, taking one step at a time and committing to the “why” you’re here in the first place.

Invest in yourself.

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I am currently accepting dedicated clients for my Empower Fertility Method program. Invest in YOU!

I'd love to include you in my journey

as we focus on yours .


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